What is Anna Callegari's full name?

Anna Callegari

Anna Callegari nickname(s):

Anna Callegari

Where was Anna Callegari born?

Chicago, Illinois

How tall is Anna Callegari?

5' 5½" (166 cm)

Anna Callegari body shape:


What color is Anna Callegari's hair?


What is Anna Callegari's ethnicity?


What is Anna Callegari nationality?


What is Anna Callegari's occupation?


Short Biography

Anna Callegari is an actress and producer, known for P-P-P-Paul Ryan (2012), The Slashening (2015) and Fear Town, USA (2014).Anna Callegari Actress - A UCB writer and performer since 2010, Anna Callegari was raised in Chicago and graduated from NYU with a degree in musical theatre. She is an actress on the UCBT Maude Team Choir which has a monthly show at the theatre. She is also a writer/performer on the sketch teams Garlic Jackson, Sorta Best Friends, and Dolly. Anna also writes and performs musical comedy with Forklift Comedy. You can find her in Season 2 of Broad City, as Lana del Rey in Billy On The Street, on MTV's Girl Code and in the indie films Feartown, U.S.A & The Slashening. Anna can also be seen singing in the Loser's Lounge Concert Series led by Joe McGinty, which has a monthly show at Joe's Pub.