Annabelle Cripps nickname(s):

Katherine Starr

Annabelle Cripps date of birth:

February 16, 1968

How old is Annabelle Cripps?


Where was Annabelle Cripps born?

Madison, Wisconsin, USA

Annabelle Cripps body shape:


What color is Annabelle Cripps's hair?

Brown - Light

What is Annabelle Cripps's ethnicity?


What is Annabelle Cripps nationality?


What is Annabelle Cripps's occupation?


Annabelle Cripps claim to fame:

1984 Los Angeles Olympics

Short Biography

Annabelle Mary Cripps (born February 16, 1968) is a retired competitive swimmer from England, who specialised in the freestyle and butterfly events. She represented Great Britain at the 1984 and 1988 Summer Olympic Games.