Ashley Hinshaw(model) date of birth:

December 11, 1988

How old is Ashley Hinshaw(model)?


Where was Ashley Hinshaw(model) born?

La Porte, Indiana

How tall is Ashley Hinshaw(model)?

5' 7" (170 cm)

Ashley Hinshaw(model) body shape:


What color are Ashley Hinshaw(model)'s eyes?


What color is Ashley Hinshaw(model)'s hair?


What is Ashley Hinshaw(model)'s ethnicity?


What is Ashley Hinshaw(model) nationality?


What is Ashley Hinshaw(model)'s occupation?

Model (Adult/Glamour)

Ashley Hinshaw(model) claim to fame:

Married to Topher Grace

What is Ashley Hinshaw(model)'s shoe size?


Short Biography

Ashley Hinshaw was born on December 11, 1988, in the city of La Porte, Indiana. Growing up, she was the youngest of three children. Like most celebrity actors, Ashley got her start modeling. In fact, it was her career and experience working on an ad campaign for Abercrombie & Fitch which led her to her first appearance on a television show, albeit as a beauty pageant judge on the MTV series, "Made." From her first taste of television, Ashley developed the acting bug, quickly pursuing a career in the field just one year after her appearance on "Made, " which had made her somewhat of a celebrity in the modeling world. Sure enough, her first official acting role came in the form of simply playing a version of herself on The CW series, "Gossip Girl, " leading to an audition for a proposed spin-off to the series titled "Valley Girls." Unfortunately for Ashley, the pilot was not picked up by the network. Fortunately, however, it did lead to her scoring guest roles on both FOX's "Fringe" in 2009 and A&E;'s "The Glades" in 2011. After a start in television, Ashley finally began landing feature film roles in 2012. She first starred in the superhero found-footage drama, "Chronicle, " and followed it up the same year with "About Cherry." This film centered around Ashley's character, Angelina, a young woman who moves to San Francisco and gets wrapped up in the city's porn industry. From here, she moved on to the more teen-oriented fair, playing a major role in the film, "LOL." Since her big year in 2012, Ashley's star has only continued to rise, with each passing year finding more work for the young actress. She has gone on to star in films such as "+1" and "Snake & Mongoose, " as well as appear on TV series such as HBO's "Enlightened" and FXX's "The League."