What is Bee Ho Gray's middle name?


Bee Ho Gray date of birth:

April 7, 1885

How old was Bee Ho Gray when died?


When did Bee Ho Gray die?

August 3, 1951

How tall is Bee Ho Gray?

5' 11" (180 cm)

What is Bee Ho Gray nationality?


What is Bee Ho Gray's occupation?


Short Biography

Bee Ho Gray (born Emberry Cannon Gray on April 7, 1885 in Leon, Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory - August 3, 1951 in Pueblo, Colorado) was a Western performer who spent fifty years displaying his skills in Wild West Shows, vaudeville, circus, silent films and radio. While he was primarily known as an expert at trick roping, he was also skilled with knife throwing, bullwhips (specifically the Australian black snake whip), trick riding and the banjo. He wove all of these skills together in a homely comic routine. Throughout his long career he was constantly compared to Will Rogers, which was befitting, considering the two performers worked together several times and developed their acts together in the early 1900s.