Billy May date of birth:

November 10, 1916

How old was Billy May when died?


Where was Billy May born?

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania U.S.

When did Billy May die?

January 22, 2004

What is Billy May's occupation?

composer, arranger, trumpeter

What instruments does Billy May play?

Trumpet, Arranger, Composer

Short Biography

Edward William "Billy" May, Jr (November 10, 1916 – January 22, 2004) was an American composer, arranger and trumpeter. He composed film and television music for The Green Hornet (1966), The Mod Squad (1968), Batman (with Batgirl theme, 1967), and Naked City (1960). He collaborated on films such as Pennies from Heaven (1981), and orchestrated Cocoon, and Cocoon: The Return, among others.