Bobbito Garcia date of birth:

December 25, 1985

How old is Bobbito Garcia?


Where was Bobbito Garcia born?


How tall is Bobbito Garcia?

5' 11" (180 cm)

Bobbito Garcia body shape:


What color are Bobbito Garcia's eyes?


What color is Bobbito Garcia's hair?


What religion is Bobbito Garcia?


What is Bobbito Garcia nationality?


Bobbito Garcia claim to fame:

King of fighters

Who is Bobbito Garcia's father?

Alberto Garcia

Bobbito Garcia favorite food(s)?

Fried Noodles, Sushi

Short Biography

Robert Garcia is a character in the "King Of Fighters" video game series.a practioner of Kyokugenryu karate, he first appeared as the deuteragonist in art of fighting and currently appeares in the "King Of Fighters" video game series.thus far, he has been a playable character in every edition of KOF except the "King Of Fighters" X1 ( though he was added back in for the playstation 2 version of the game as a hidden bonus character ).he is the first known foreign practitioner of Kyokugenryu karate, earning the title "The Raging Tiger" or "The Mightiest Tiger".according to NEO GEO freak, he is visually modeled on Andy Garcia and Steven Siegel.Robert is the son of Alberto Garcia, a wealthy Italian businessman and best friend of Takuma Sakazaki, the master of Kyokugenryu Karate.when he was younger, Robert was fascinated with the fighting style as he saw it as a way to escape from his father`s shadow in the stifing high class society.against his father`s wishes, Robert trained under Takuma Sakazaki and often sparred with time passed, Ryo became his best friend.Robert eventually developed romantic feelings for his friend`s sister, Yuri.he has held an infatuation with Yuri ever since he first met her, and would likely met her if not for Takuma and Ryo, who either overprotect Yuri out of habbit or suspect that Robert might take her for granted.Robert is the stereotype of the rich partying playboy.he doesn`t take his life so seriously and always has a smile on his face.he often acts as the reluctant mediator for the Sakazaki siblings though he often sides with Yuri he can.he is considered to be a natural genius by friend and Foe alike.Robert benefits from his father`s wealth.he always bear fancy clothes and dries expensive cars.despite Ryo and Takuma`s constant scruting, he sometimes gives luxurious gifts to Yuri.Robert also has air of c*ckiness due to his constant wealth, which is seen by his friend Ryo as a sign of rudness since Ryo`s family lives in constant poverty due to having their finances run the Kyokugenryo dojo.