What is Brix Smith's full name?

Laura Elisse Salenger

Brix Smith nickname(s):

Brix Smith-Start, Brix Smith Start, Brix Smith

Brix Smith date of birth:

November 12, 1962

How old is Brix Smith?


Where was Brix Smith born?

Los Angeles, California

Is Brix Smith gay or straight?


What religion is Brix Smith?


What is Brix Smith's ethnicity?


What is Brix Smith nationality?


What is Brix Smith's occupation?

Singer, Guitarist, Television presenter

What genre is Brix Smith's work?

punk rock, post-punk

What instruments does Brix Smith play?


Short Biography

Brix Smith Start (born Laura Elisse Salenger, November 12, 1962; as a musician, known as Brix Smith) is an American singer, guitarist and television presenter, best known for being a member of post-punk band The Fall, and latterly as a UK TV fashion pundit.