Christian Wunderlich date of birth:

July 12, 1979

How old is Christian Wunderlich?


Where was Christian Wunderlich born?

Cologne, Germany

How tall is Christian Wunderlich?

6' (183 cm)

Christian Wunderlich body shape:


What color are Christian Wunderlich's eyes?

Brown - Dark

What color is Christian Wunderlich's hair?

Brown - Dark

Is Christian Wunderlich gay or straight?


What is Christian Wunderlich's ethnicity?


What is Christian Wunderlich nationality?


What is Christian Wunderlich's occupation?


Christian Wunderlich claim to fame:

Albums: Real Good Moments, Zwischen den Zeilen

Short Biography

Christian Wunderlich (born 12 July 1979 in Cologne) is a German actor, singer and songwriter. “Real Good Moments”, his debut album released on 6th of September 1999, made him famous not only in Germany, but also in Switzerland. In 2009 he released his single: “Gelacht, um nicht zu weinen”.