What is Clark Ashton Smith's middle name?


Clark Ashton Smith date of birth:

January 13, 1893

How old was Clark Ashton Smith when died?


Where was Clark Ashton Smith born?

Long Valley, California, United States

When did Clark Ashton Smith die?

August 14, 1961

Where did Clark Ashton Smith die?

Pacific Grove, California, United States

Why did Clark Ashton Smith die?

Stroke complications

What is Clark Ashton Smith nationality?


What is Clark Ashton Smith's occupation?

Short-story writer, poet, sculptor, painter

What genre is Clark Ashton Smith's work?

Horror, Fantasy, Science Fiction

Short Biography

Clark Ashton Smith (January 13, 1893 – August 14, 1961) was a self-educated American poet, sculptor, painter and author of fantasy, horror and science fiction short stories. He achieved early local recognition, largely through the enthusiasm of George Sterling, for traditional verse in the vein of Swinburne. As a poet, Smith is grouped with the West Coast Romantics alongside Ambrose Bierce, Joaquin Miller, Sterling, Nora May French, and remembered as "The Last of the Great Romantics" and "The Bard of Auburn".