What is Daphne Greengrass's full name?

Daphne Greengrass

Daphne Greengrass date of birth:

October 14, 1979

How old is Daphne Greengrass?


Daphne Greengrass body shape:


What color are Daphne Greengrass's eyes?


What color is Daphne Greengrass's hair?


Is Daphne Greengrass gay or straight?


What is Daphne Greengrass's ethnicity?


What is Daphne Greengrass nationality?


Where did Daphne Greengrass go to school?

Hogwarts, Slytherin

What is Daphne Greengrass's occupation?

Hogwarts Student

Daphne Greengrass claim to fame:

The Harry Potter Series

Daphne Greengrass sister(s):

Astoria Greengrass

Short Biography

Daphne Greengrass (b. 1979/1980) was a pure-blood witch and a member of the Greengrass family, an old wizarding family and one of the Sacred Twenty-Eight. She began attending Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in 1991 and was Sorted into Slytherin House. She was in the same year as the famous Harry Potter.Daphne was born in 1979 or 1980 to Mr and Mrs Greengrass. She was a member of the Greengrass family, among the oldest and truly pure-blooded families in Britain. Daphne and Astoria (her younger sister) were brought up in the ideals of pure-blood supremacy.Daphne began her education at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and wizardry in 1991, where she was sorted into Slytherin. During her school years, Daphne was part of Pansy Parkinson's "gang" of Slytherin girls. She shared a dormitory in Slytherin Dungeon with Pansy Parkinson, Millicent Bulstrode, Tracey Davis, and another girl. She took her O.W.L.s in 1996 at the same time as Hermione Granger. In 1996 she wasn't one of the very few students able to advance to N.E.W.T.-level Potions, she evidently failed to achieve the required grade or did not find continuing on to N.E.W.T. Potions worthwhile.It can be assumed that during the Battle of Hogwarts on 2 May, 1998 Daphne was led out of the Great Hall by Filch, along with her fellow Slytherins.