What is Debbie Rush's full name?

Deborah Rush

Debbie Rush date of birth:

March 19, 1966

How old is Debbie Rush?


Where was Debbie Rush born?

Manchester, England, United Kingdom

Debbie Rush body shape:


What color is Debbie Rush's hair?

Brown - Dark

Is Debbie Rush gay or straight?


What is Debbie Rush's ethnicity?


What is Debbie Rush nationality?


Where did Debbie Rush go to university?

Manchester School Of Acting

What is Debbie Rush's occupation?


Debbie Rush claim to fame:

Anna Windass on Coronation Street

Debbie Rush agent:

Lime Actors Agency & Management Ltd.

Short Biography

Debbie Rush (born 29 March 1966) is an English actress. She is currently playing the role of Anna Windass in Coronation Street.