What is Diane Gaidry's full name?

Diane Adair Gaidry

Diane Gaidry date of birth:

October 1, 1964

How old is Diane Gaidry?


Where was Diane Gaidry born?

Buffalo, New York

Diane Gaidry body shape:


What color is Diane Gaidry's hair?


What is Diane Gaidry's ethnicity?


What is Diane Gaidry nationality?


What is Diane Gaidry's occupation?

Actress, filmmaker, life coach

Diane Gaidry claim to fame:

Loving Annabelle

Short Biography

Diane Adair Gaidry (born October 11, 1964 on Ellsworth Air Force Base, in Rapid City, South Dakota) is an American film and theatre actress. She portrayed Simone Bradley in 2006 film Loving Annabelle directed by Katherine Brooks. Her characterization won her the Grand Jury Award for Outstanding Actress at L.A. Outfest. Diane is probably best known for her portrayal of this character.