Edward Kowalczyk date of birth:

July 16, 1971

How old is Edward Kowalczyk?


Where was Edward Kowalczyk born?

York, Pennsylvania, U.S.

How tall is Edward Kowalczyk?

5' 9½" (177 cm)

What is Edward Kowalczyk nationality?


What is Edward Kowalczyk's occupation?


What genre is Edward Kowalczyk's work?

Alternative rock, post-grunge, hard rock

What instruments does Edward Kowalczyk play?

Vocals, guitar

Short Biography

Edward Joel Kowalczyk (born July 16, 1971) is an American musician, and a founding member of the band Live. Since leaving Live in 2009, he has launched a solo career. His first album, Alive, was released worldwide in June and July 2010.