What is Emilia Bayona's full name?

Aurora Bayona Sarri√°

Emilia Bayona nickname(s):

Pili y Mili, Mili

Emilia Bayona date of birth:

February 10, 1947

How old is Emilia Bayona?


Where was Emilia Bayona born?

Zaragoza, Spain

What is Emilia Bayona's ethnicity?


What is Emilia Bayona nationality?


What is Emilia Bayona's occupation?


Emilia Bayona claim to fame:

Esc√°ndalo en la familia (1967), Como dos gotas de agua (1964) and Dos pistolas gemelas (1966). Formed a duo with her twin sister, Pilar Bayona, ('Pili'), known as 'Pili y Mili'.

Emilia Bayona sister(s):

Pilar Bayona (twin sister) (actress)