Emory Gordy Jr. date of birth:

December 25, 1944

How old is Emory Gordy Jr.?


Where was Emory Gordy Jr. born?

Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Emory Gordy Jr. body shape:


What color is Emory Gordy Jr.'s hair?

Brown - Dark

Is Emory Gordy Jr. gay or straight?


What is Emory Gordy Jr.'s ethnicity?


What is Emory Gordy Jr. nationality?


What is Emory Gordy Jr.'s occupation?

Music Producer

Emory Gordy Jr. claim to fame:

The Notorious Cherry Bombs

Short Biography

Emory Lee Gordy, Jr., born December 25, 1944, in Atlanta, Georgia, is an American musician and music producer. He was inducted into the Georgia Music Hall of Fame in 1992. His wife, Patty Loveless joined him in the GMHOF in 2005.