What is Eric Heitmann's middle name?


What is Eric Heitmann's full name?

Eric Wade Heitmann

Eric Heitmann date of birth:

February 24, 1980

How old is Eric Heitmann?


Where was Eric Heitmann born?

Katy, Texas

How tall is Eric Heitmann?

6' 3" (190 cm)

How much does Eric Heitmann weigh?

305 lbs (138.3 kg)

What is Eric Heitmann nationality?


Where did Eric Heitmann go to university?


What is Eric Heitmann's occupation?

American Football Player

Short Biography

Eric Wade Heitmann (born February 24, 1980) is a former center. He was drafted by the 49ers in the 7th round (239th overall) of the 2002 NFL Draft.