Ester Toivonen date of birth:

August 7, 1914

How old was Ester Toivonen when died?


Where was Ester Toivonen born?

Hamina, Finland

When did Ester Toivonen die?

December 29, 1979

Where did Ester Toivonen die?

Helsinki, Finland

What is Ester Toivonen's ethnicity?


What is Ester Toivonen nationality?


What is Ester Toivonen's occupation?

Actress, model

Ester Toivonen claim to fame:

Miss Suomi 1933. Miss Europe 1934. As actress is known for Syntipukki (1935), Halveksittu (1939) and Kaikenlaisia vieraita (1936).

Short Biography

Ester Toivonen (August 7, 1914 Hamina — December 29, 1979 Helsinki) was elected Miss Finland in 1933. She was 19 and working in a bread shop in Helsinki when she was discovered by the director of the Helsinki Golf-Casino, where the Finnish pageant was to be held. She also won the Miss Europe Contest in Great Britain 1934. Later she became a film-star.