Fabrice Santoro date of birth:

December 9, 1972

How old is Fabrice Santoro?


Where was Fabrice Santoro born?

Tahiti, French Polynesia

How tall is Fabrice Santoro?

5' 9¾" (177 cm)

How much does Fabrice Santoro weigh?

163 lbs (73.9 kg)

What is Fabrice Santoro nationality?


What is Fabrice Santoro's occupation?

Tennis player

Short Biography

Fabrice Vetea Santoro (born 9 December 1972) is a retired French professional male tennis player from Tahiti. Though not counted among the top-ranked players, he had an unusually long professional career, with many of his accomplishments coming toward the end of his career, and he is popular among spectators and other players alike for his winning demeanor and shot-making abilities.