What is Fikret Hakan's full name?

Bumin Gaffar Çıtanak

Fikret Hakan nickname(s):

Fikret Hakan, Bumin Gaffar Çıtanak

Fikret Hakan date of birth:

April 23, 1934

How old was Fikret Hakan when died?


Where was Fikret Hakan born?

Balıkesir, Turkey

When did Fikret Hakan die?

July 11, 2017

Where did Fikret Hakan die?

Kartal, İstanbul, Turkey

What is Fikret Hakan nationality?


What is Fikret Hakan's occupation?


Short Biography

Fikret Hakan (born Bumin Gaffar Çitanak on 23 April 1934 in Balıkesir, Turkey) is a prolific Turkish film actor and a recipient of the honorary State Artist, a prestigious title awarded by the Turkish government.