What is Gabriela Cano's full name?

Gabriela Ofelia Cano Gamboa

Gabriela Cano nickname(s):

Gabriela Cano, Gaby Cano, Gabriela Ofelia Cano Gamboa

Gabriela Cano date of birth:

April 6, 1977

How old is Gabriela Cano?


Where was Gabriela Cano born?

Mexicali, Baja California, Mexico

Gabriela Cano body shape:


What color are Gabriela Cano's eyes?


Is Gabriela Cano gay or straight?


What is Gabriela Cano's ethnicity?


What is Gabriela Cano nationality?


What is Gabriela Cano's occupation?

Actress, film producer, film director, theatre producer, theatre director

Gabriela Cano claim to fame:

Mujer, casos de la vida real

Short Biography

Gabriela Ofelia Cano Gamboa (born April 6, 1977) professionally known as ""Gabriela Cano"" is a Mexican actress, film producer and director, and theatre producer and director. She is also known as Gaby Cano.