Gary Roberts date of birth:

May 23, 1966

How old is Gary Roberts?


Where was Gary Roberts born?

North York, Toronto, Canada

How tall is Gary Roberts?

6' 2" (188 cm)

How much does Gary Roberts weigh?

220 lbs (99.8 kg)

Gary Roberts body shape:


What color are Gary Roberts's eyes?


What color is Gary Roberts's hair?


Is Gary Roberts gay or straight?


What is Gary Roberts's ethnicity?


What is Gary Roberts nationality?


What is Gary Roberts's occupation?

Ice Hockey Player

Short Biography

Gary R. Roberts (born May 23, 1966) is a Canadian former professional ice hockey player who played 21 seasons in the National Hockey League (NHL) for the Calgary Flames, Carolina Hurricanes, Toronto Maple Leafs, Florida Panthers, Pittsburgh Penguins and Tampa Bay Lightning. Renowned for his physical fitness during his career, Roberts has become a high performance trainer for players at all levels of the sport.