Georgios Papadopoulos date of birth:

May 5, 1919

How old was Georgios Papadopoulos when died?


Where was Georgios Papadopoulos born?

Elaiohori, Greece

When did Georgios Papadopoulos die?

June 27, 1999

What is Georgios Papadopoulos nationality?


Short Biography

Colonel Georgios Papadopoulos (Greek: Γεώργιος Παπαδόπουλος) (5 May 1919 – 27 June 1999) was the head of the military coup d'état that took place in Greece on 21 April 1967 and leader of the junta that ruled the country from 1967 to 1974. Papadopoulos was a Colonel of Artillery. During World War II, he had initially fought against the Italian 1940 invasion and then he became a German collaborator in the Security Battalions. He held dictatorial power in Greece from 1967–1973, until he was himself overthrown by his co-conspirator Dimitrios Ioannidis.