Grzegorz Kosok date of birth:

March 2, 1986

How old is Grzegorz Kosok?


Where was Grzegorz Kosok born?

Katowice, Poland

How tall is Grzegorz Kosok?

6' 9" (206 cm)

How much does Grzegorz Kosok weigh?

203 lbs (92.1 kg)

Grzegorz Kosok body shape:


What color are Grzegorz Kosok's eyes?

Brown - Dark

What color is Grzegorz Kosok's hair?

Brown - Dark

Is Grzegorz Kosok gay or straight?


What is Grzegorz Kosok's ethnicity?


What is Grzegorz Kosok nationality?


What is Grzegorz Kosok's occupation?

Volleyball player

Short Biography

Grzegorz Kosok (born 2 March 1986) is a Polish volleyball player, a member of Polish national team, a participant of the Olympic Games London 2012, gold medalist of the FIVB World League 2012 and bronze medalist of the European Championship 2011 and the World League 2011, double Polish Champion (2012, 2013).