What is Helen Donaldson's full name?

Helen Donaldson

Helen Donaldson nickname(s):

Helen Donaldson

Helen Donaldson date of birth:

March 14, 1968

How old is Helen Donaldson?


Where was Helen Donaldson born?

Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia

Helen Donaldson body shape:


What color are Helen Donaldson's eyes?

Brown - Dark

What color is Helen Donaldson's hair?

Brown - Dark

What is Helen Donaldson's ethnicity?


What is Helen Donaldson nationality?


Where did Helen Donaldson go to university?

Queensland Conservatorium Griffith University

What is Helen Donaldson's occupation?


Short Biography

Helen Donaldson (born 14 March 1968 in Rockhampton, Queensland) is an Australian opera singer best known for her performances of the heroines in Gilbert and Sullivan operas.