What is Hoda Soltan's full name?

Bahija Abdul Aal Baho

Hoda Soltan date of birth:

August 15, 1925

How old was Hoda Soltan when died?


Where was Hoda Soltan born?

Tanta, Egypt

When did Hoda Soltan die?

June 5, 2006

Where did Hoda Soltan die?

Cairo, Egypt

What is Hoda Soltan's ethnicity?

Middle Eastern

What is Hoda Soltan nationality?


What is Hoda Soltan's occupation?


Hoda Soltan claim to fame:

Awdat al ibn al dal (1976), El osta Hassan (1952) and El namrud (1956).

Hoda Soltan brother(s):

Muhammad Fawzi (brother) (actor)