What is Hugues Rebell's full name?

Georges Grassal de Choffat

Hugues Rebell date of birth:

October 27, 1867

How old was Hugues Rebell when died?


Where was Hugues Rebell born?

Nantes, France

When did Hugues Rebell die?

March 6, 1905

Where did Hugues Rebell die?

Paris, France

Why did Hugues Rebell die?


What is Hugues Rebell nationality?


What is Hugues Rebell's occupation?

Writer, poet

Hugues Rebell claim to fame:

Les nuits chaudes du Cap Français (1902)

Short Biography

Georges Grassal de Choffat or Hugues Rebell (27 October 1867, Nantes - 6 March 1905, Paris) was a French author. He wrote against Christianity and professed paganism while remaining a Catholic. An exponent of Friedrich Nietzsche, he was associated with Action Française.