What is Isabella of Portugal's middle name?


What is Isabella of Portugal's full name?

Isabella of Portugal

Isabella of Portugal date of birth:

October 4, 1503

How old was Isabella of Portugal when died?


When did Isabella of Portugal die?

May 1, 1539

Isabella of Portugal body shape:


What color are Isabella of Portugal's eyes?

Brown - Light

What color is Isabella of Portugal's hair?


Is Isabella of Portugal gay or straight?


What religion is Isabella of Portugal?

Roman Catholic

What is Isabella of Portugal's ethnicity?


What is Isabella of Portugal nationality?


What is Isabella of Portugal's occupation?

Queen Consort, Queen of Spain

Who is Isabella of Portugal's father?

Manuel I of Portugal

Who is Isabella of Portugal's mother?

Maria of Aragon, Queen of Portugal

Short Biography

Isabella of Portugal (24 October 1503 – 1 May 1539) was a Portuguese Princess (Infanta) and Holy Roman Empress, Duchess of Burgundy, and a Queen Regent/Consort of Spain. She was the daughter of Manuel I of Portugal and Maria of Aragon. By her marriage to Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor, Isabella was also Holy Roman Empress and Queen consort of Aragon and Castile. She served as the regent of Spain during the absence of her spouse for long periods.