What is Janet Beecher's full name?

Janet Meysenburg

Janet Beecher date of birth:

October 21, 1884

How old was Janet Beecher when died?


Where was Janet Beecher born?

Jefferson City, Missouri, United States

When did Janet Beecher die?

August 6, 1955

Where did Janet Beecher die?

Washington, Connecticut, USA

Janet Beecher body shape:


What color is Janet Beecher's hair?


What is Janet Beecher's ethnicity?


What is Janet Beecher nationality?


What is Janet Beecher's occupation?


Janet Beecher claim to fame:

The Lady Eve

Janet Beecher sister(s):

Olive Wyndham

Short Biography

Janet Beecher (October 21, 1884 – August 6, 1955), born Janet Meysenburg, was an American stage and screen actress. She was a supporting player and lead on the Broadway stage. In the 1930s, she moved into motion pictures as a character actress. Her sister was actress Olive Wyndham. She was married twice: first to Harry R. Guggenheimer and then to Richard H. Hoffman. She had a son named Richard.