What is Jeff Schroeder's middle name?


What is Jeff Schroeder's full name?

Jeffrey Edward Schroeder

Jeff Schroeder date of birth:

June 6, 1978

How old is Jeff Schroeder?


Where was Jeff Schroeder born?

Norridge, Illinois, USA

Jeff Schroeder body shape:


What color are Jeff Schroeder's eyes?


What color is Jeff Schroeder's hair?

Brown - Dark

Is Jeff Schroeder gay or straight?


What is Jeff Schroeder's ethnicity?


What is Jeff Schroeder nationality?


What is Jeff Schroeder's occupation?

Reality TV, Model

Jeff Schroeder claim to fame:

Big Brother 11

Short Biography

Jeff Schroeder is an actor / model from Chicago, IL who has appeared in shows such as: Big Brother Seasons 11 and 13, The Amazing Race, Around The World For Free and several others. On both seasons of Big Brother, Jeff won "America's Favorite Houseguest" voted on by millions of viewers.