What is Jillian Wheeler's middle name?


What is Jillian Wheeler's full name?

Jillian Lee Wheeler

Jillian Wheeler nickname(s):

Je Wheeler, J Wheeler, Jillian Lee Wheeler

Jillian Wheeler date of birth:

May 25, 1991

How old is Jillian Wheeler?


Where was Jillian Wheeler born?

St. Charles, IL

What color are Jillian Wheeler's eyes?


What color is Jillian Wheeler's hair?

Brown - Light

What is Jillian Wheeler's ethnicity?


What is Jillian Wheeler nationality?


What is Jillian Wheeler's occupation?

Singer, Songwriter, Actress

Jillian Wheeler claim to fame:

Sara Markum in Mystic River

What genre is Jillian Wheeler's work?

Pop, Indie Rock/Pop/Electronic

Short Biography

Jillian (Je) Wheeler (born May 25, 1991 in St. Charles, Illinois), also known as "Je Wheeler", is an American singer-songwriter and actress currently residing in Berlin, Germany. She is most notable for portraying Sara Markum in the 2003 film, Mystic River. She graduated from Northeastern University in 2012 and worked as a Video Consultant for Smart Destinations. She currently works as a freelance international photographer, videographer, and travel writer and continues to write and perform music.