Jim Bakkum date of birth:

August 10, 1987

How old is Jim Bakkum?


Where was Jim Bakkum born?

Egmond-Binnen, Netherlands

How tall is Jim Bakkum?

6' 3½" (192 cm)

What is Jim Bakkum nationality?


What is Jim Bakkum's occupation?

Singer, actor, stage actor

What genre is Jim Bakkum's work?

Pop, dance

What instruments does Jim Bakkum play?


Short Biography

Jimmy "Jim" Johannes Bakkum (born 10 August 1987) is a Dutch singer, actor, stage actor and television personality. Rising to nationwide fame after becoming runner-up in the first season of Dutch singing competition series Idols, he has released five albums and made a career in musicals and film. In television, he appeared in a Dutch version of Dancing with the Stars, which he won.