What is John Davis's middle name?


What is John Davis's full name?

John Andrew Davis

John Davis nickname(s):

John Andrew Davis, John Davis, John A. Davis

John Davis date of birth:

April 7, 1953

How old is John Davis?


Where was John Davis born?

Denver, Colorado, USA

John Davis body shape:


What color are John Davis's eyes?


What color is John Davis's hair?

Brown - Dark

Is John Davis gay or straight?


What is John Davis's ethnicity?


What is John Davis nationality?


Where did John Davis go to university?

Bowdoin College , Amherst College , Harvard Business School.

What is John Davis's occupation?

Film producer

Who is John Davis's father?

Marvin Davis

Who is John Davis's mother?

Barbara Davis (née Levine)

John Davis family:

Jensen, Catherine, Jack, Uncle of Nick Raynes

Short Biography

John Andrew Davis (born July 20, 1954) is an American film producer and founder of Davis Entertainment.