What is John Dexter's middle name?


What is John Dexter's full name?

John Alfred Dexter

John Dexter date of birth:

August 2, 1925

How old was John Dexter when died?


Where was John Dexter born?

Derby, Derbyshire, England, UK

When did John Dexter die?

March 23, 1990

Where did John Dexter die?

London, England, UK

Why did John Dexter die?

During heart surgery

John Dexter body shape:


What color is John Dexter's hair?

Brown - Light

What is John Dexter's ethnicity?


What is John Dexter nationality?


What is John Dexter's occupation?

Stage Actor, Theatre, Opera And Film Director, Producer, Author

Who is John Dexter's father?

Alfred Dexter

Who is John Dexter's mother?

Dorothy Dexter

John Dexter brother(s):

Colin Dexter (writer)

John Dexter sister(s):

Avril Dexter

Short Biography

John Dexter (2 August 1925 – 23 March 1990) was an English theatre, opera and film director.