What is John Tower's full name?

John Goodwin Tower

John Tower nickname(s):

John Goodwin Tower, John Tower, The Little Big Man

John Tower date of birth:

September 29, 1925

How old was John Tower when died?


Where was John Tower born?

Houston, Texas, USA

When did John Tower die?

April 5, 1991

Where did John Tower die?

Brunswick, Georgia, USA

Why did John Tower die?

Helicopter Accident

How tall is John Tower?

5' 5½" (166 cm)

John Tower body shape:


What color are John Tower's eyes?

Brown - Dark

What color is John Tower's hair?

Brown - Dark

John Tower distinctive features:

Short But Tough

Is John Tower gay or straight?


What is John Tower's ethnicity?


What is John Tower nationality?


What is John Tower's occupation?

Government Politician

Short Biography

John Tower was born on September 29, 1925 in Houston, Texas, USA as John Goodwin Tower. He was married to Lilla Burt Cummings and Lou Bullington. He died on April 5, 1991 in Brunswick, Georgia, USA.