What is Johnny Sequoyah's full name?

Johnny Sequoyah Friedenberg

Johnny Sequoyah nickname(s):

Johnny Sequoyah Friedenberg

Johnny Sequoyah date of birth:

October 25, 2002

How old is Johnny Sequoyah?


Where was Johnny Sequoyah born?

Boise, Idaho, USA

How tall is Johnny Sequoyah?

5' 7" (170 cm)

How much does Johnny Sequoyah weigh?

92 lbs (41.7 kg)

Johnny Sequoyah body shape:


What color are Johnny Sequoyah's eyes?

Brown - Dark

What color is Johnny Sequoyah's hair?

Brown - Dark

What is Johnny Sequoyah's ethnicity?


What is Johnny Sequoyah nationality?


What is Johnny Sequoyah's occupation?


Johnny Sequoyah claim to fame:

Bo Adams on the NBC television series Believe

Johnny Sequoyah agent:

Untitled Entertainment (LA)

Who is Johnny Sequoyah's father?

Russell Friedenberg

Who is Johnny Sequoyah's mother?

Heather Rae

Short Biography

Johnny Sequoyah was born on October 25, 2002 in Boise, Idaho, USA as Johnny Sequoyah Friedenberg. She is an actress, known for Believe (2014), I Believe in Unicorns (2014) and Among Ravens (2014).Trivia (1)Daughter of Russell Friedenberg and Heather Rae.