What is Joseph Ashworth's full name?

Joseph Ashworth

Joseph Ashworth nickname(s):

Joseph Ashworth, Brangelina

Joseph Ashworth date of birth:

January 24, 1995

How old is Joseph Ashworth?


Where was Joseph Ashworth born?

Guildford, Surrey, UK

What is Joseph Ashworth nationality?


What is Joseph Ashworth's occupation?


Short Biography

Joseph has been acting since the age of 4 years with his acting school 'Angels Theatre School' in Godalming, Surrey. He played the lead in a short film 'Putt' when he was 8 & has done several voice-overs. He has recently appeared in "The Only Boy for Me" (as Alfie) a TV film for ITV, starring Helen Baxendale & Patrick Baladi. He is home-educated.