Josip Vranković nickname(s):

Josip Vranković

Josip Vranković date of birth:

October 26, 1968

How old is Josip Vranković?


Where was Josip Vranković born?

Split, Croatia

How tall is Josip Vranković?

6' 6½" (199 cm)

Josip Vranković body shape:


What color is Josip Vranković's hair?

Brown - Dark

Is Josip Vranković gay or straight?


What is Josip Vranković's ethnicity?


What is Josip Vranković nationality?


What is Josip Vranković's occupation?

Basketball player

Short Biography

Josip "Joke" Vranković (born October 26, 1968) is a basketball coach and former player from Croatia. Most recently he was a coach of Croatia national basketball team and KK Cibona, but since late November 2011 is unattached .