What is Justin Sane's full name?

Justin Cathal Geever

Justin Sane nickname(s):

Justin Geever

Justin Sane date of birth:

February 21, 1973

How old is Justin Sane?


Where was Justin Sane born?

in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania USA

Justin Sane body shape:


What color are Justin Sane's eyes?

Brown - Dark

What color is Justin Sane's hair?

Brown - Dark

Is Justin Sane gay or straight?


What religion is Justin Sane?


What is Justin Sane's ethnicity?


What is Justin Sane nationality?


What is Justin Sane's occupation?

Singer-songwriter, musician

Justin Sane claim to fame:


What genre is Justin Sane's work?

Punk rock, hardcore punk, folk punk, skate punk, anarcho-punk

What instruments does Justin Sane play?

Vocals, guitar

Does Justin Sane have a pet?

Alley Cat (Cat) [2006]

Short Biography

Justin Cathal Geever, better known by his stage name Justin Sane is the lead guitarist and singer/songwriter of the United States-based musical group Anti-Flag, a punk rock band formed in 1988 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania known for its outspoken left-wing views. He holds dual US and Irish citizenship and lives in Pittsburgh. His stage name was bestowed upon him by friends in Pittsburgh's punk scene.