Karen date of birth:

February 13, 1949

How old is Karen?


Where was Karen born?

Chicago, Illinois

Is Karen gay or straight?


What religion is Karen?


What is Karen's ethnicity?


What is Karen nationality?


Karen family:

Andy Barclay (Son)

Karen friends:

Maggie (Bestfriend)

Short Biography

Karen is a widowed mother, her husband died at some point before the begining of the film. Though never specificied how or when he died. She's a very nuturing, loving, caring, and devoted working mother to Andy. When Andy's 6th birthday comes up, she prepares by decorating the house with birthday streamers and presents. Even though it's his birthday, Andy does surprise his mother with a breakfast of cereal and badly burned toast. Karen is very touched by this and hugs her son, telling him "Happy Birthday, honey".She excitedly gives her son some nice clothes for his birthday. But she knows he wants some toys for his birthday and not "boring" clothes. He does like his gifts but tells his mother he wants a Good Guy doll to play with. Karen apologizes as she didn't have enough to time to pay for the expensive doll. After dropping off Andy at daycare, Karen resumes her work at the jewelry department.A little down at first, she gets a big surprise. Her best friend Maggie, approaches and tells her that she found a peddler outside who has a Good Guy doll. Even better that he's willing to sell it at a cheap price, however when they go to him, he changes his mind. This annoys Maggie, but Karen agrees, knowing how much Andy really wanted the toy. Their moment is a little ruined when their boss Mr. Criswell scolds them for leaving work. He then adds that Mrs. Howell has called in sick and tells Karen she has to take her spot. If she doesn't, he'll fire her.Maggie kindly accepts to babysit Andy for her. Karen soon comes home and surprises Andy with his new Good Guy doll, named Chucky. She goes back to work, believing she's given her son a good birthday. However, this would go horribly wrong, she'd return home from work seeing the police there. Maggie had apparently fallen out of the window and landed on a car, leading to death. Her first thought is to find Andy, as she rushes to her apartment. She finds Andy in his room, being interviewed by Detective Norris. Karen is stunned by the news about Maggie but she becomes infuriated when Detective Norris implies Andy may have been involved. She kindly asks them to leave.