Kathryn Minner date of birth:

January 3, 1892

How old was Kathryn Minner when died?


Where was Kathryn Minner born?

New York, USA

When did Kathryn Minner die?

May 26, 1969

Where did Kathryn Minner die?

Van Nuys, California, USA

Kathryn Minner body shape:


What color is Kathryn Minner's hair?


What is Kathryn Minner's ethnicity?


What is Kathryn Minner nationality?


What is Kathryn Minner's occupation?


Kathryn Minner claim to fame:

The Love Bug (1968)

Short Biography

Kathryn Elizabeth Minner (January 3, 1892 – May 26, 1969), sometimes credited as Katherine Minner, was an elderly grandmother and character actress who specialized in playing "little old ladies" in movies, on various television shows, and in a series of television commercials for Southern California Dodge dealers.