Kenor nickname(s):


Where was Kenor born?

Barcelona, Spain

What is Kenor nationality?


What is Kenor's occupation?

Graffiti Artist, Street Artist

Kenor claim to fame:

Artist featured in the movie Bomb It

Short Biography

Kenor began painting, originally as a graffiti artist, in 1989. As the son of an artist and photographer, he has art in his blood, and his creativity only flourished in his vibrant hometown of Barcelona. As time went on, he transitioned from graffiti tagging to more abstract murals, and he is continually influenced by electronic music, fragmentation, shape, and the visualization of rhythm and melody. His bright shoes reflect the style he displays on the streets of Barcelona. He takes inspiration from seemingly everything: eyes, clouds, parallel worlds, dreams, hope, and illusion, to name a few.[Source: