What is Logan Browning's middle name?


What is Logan Browning's full name?

Logan Laurice Browning

Logan Browning date of birth:

June 9, 1989

How old is Logan Browning?


Where was Logan Browning born?

Atlanta, Georgia, USA

How tall is Logan Browning?

5' 3" (160 cm)

Logan Browning body shape:


What color are Logan Browning's eyes?


What color is Logan Browning's hair?

Brown - Dark

Is Logan Browning gay or straight?


What is Logan Browning's ethnicity?


What is Logan Browning nationality?


Where did Logan Browning go to school?

Fayette County High School, Fayetteville, Georgia (1999-2003)

Where did Logan Browning go to university?

Vanderbilt University

What is Logan Browning's occupation?

Actress, Dancer

Logan Browning claim to fame:

The Secret Circle

Logan Browning agent:

Barbizon Modeling and Acting School (Atlanta, GA)

Short Biography

Logan Laurice Browning (born June 9, 1989) is an American actress. She is best known for playing Sasha in the 2007 film Bratz: The Movie and Brianna in Meet the Browns. She currently stars as Jelena Howard on the VH1 series Hit the Floor and is in the Playstation Network series Powers as a young "Power" named Zora.