What is Loren Babe's middle name?


What is Loren Babe's full name?

Loren Rolland Babe

Loren Babe nickname(s):

Bee Bee

Loren Babe date of birth:

January 11, 1928

How old was Loren Babe when died?


Where was Loren Babe born?

Pisgah, Iowa, USA

When did Loren Babe die?

February 14, 1984

Where did Loren Babe die?

Omaha, Nebraska, USA

How tall is Loren Babe?

5' 10" (178 cm)

How much does Loren Babe weigh?

180 lbs (81.6 kg)

Loren Babe body shape:


What color is Loren Babe's hair?

Brown - Dark

What is Loren Babe's ethnicity?


What is Loren Babe nationality?


Where did Loren Babe go to school?

Creighton Prep (Omaha, NE)

What is Loren Babe's occupation?

Former Major League Baseball Player

Loren Babe claim to fame:

New York Yankees

Short Biography

Loren Rolland Babe (January 11, 1928 – February 14, 1984), nicknamed "Bee Bee", was an American professional baseball infielder, manager, scout and coach.