Margaret Draper date of birth:

November 20, 1916

How old was Margaret Draper when died?


Where was Margaret Draper born?

Spanish Fork, Utah, U.S.

When did Margaret Draper die?

October 14, 2011

Where did Margaret Draper die?

Payson, Utah, USA

Why did Margaret Draper die?

Alzheimer's disease

Is Margaret Draper gay or straight?


What religion is Margaret Draper?


What is Margaret Draper's ethnicity?


What is Margaret Draper nationality?


What is Margaret Draper's occupation?


Short Biography

Margaret Ruth Draper (November 20, 1916 – October 14, 2011) was an American actress and international service worker. She was born in 1916, the third of six children born to Delbert Morley Draper and Frances Mary Rogers. Shortly after her birth her family relocated to Salt Lake City where she lived until 1934.