Mark Gil date of birth:

September 25, 1961

How old was Mark Gil when died?


Where was Mark Gil born?

Manila, Philippines

When did Mark Gil die?

September 1, 2014

What is Mark Gil nationality?


What is Mark Gil's occupation?


Who is Mark Gil's father?

Eddie Mesa (Actor)

Who is Mark Gil's mother?

Rosemarie Gil (Actress)

Mark Gil brother(s):

Michael de Mesa (Actor)

Mark Gil sister(s):

Cherie Gil (Actress)

Mark Gil family:

Gabby Eigenmann (Son) (Actor), Sid Lucero (Son) (Actor), Max Eigenmann (Daughter) (Model), Andi Eigenmann (Daughter) (Actress), Ryan Eigenmann (Nephew) (Actor), Geoff Eigenmann (Nephew) (Actor), A.J. Eigenmann (Nephew) (Actor), Ira Eigenmann (Daughter) (Actress)

Short Biography

Raphael John Gil Eigenmann (September 25, 1952 – September 1, 2017), also better known by his pseudonym or pen name as Mark Gil, was an American publisher and was originally the founder of Gil Publishing, Co. He was of German, Swiss and Polish descent. He was married to Irene Celebre for over 41 years up to the time of his death from liver cirrhosis. He was 64 at the time of his death, just 24 days before his birthday when he would have then turned 65.First NameMark Last NameGil Age64 (age at death)Date of BirthSeptember 25, 1952Date of DeathSeptember 1, 2017Place of BirthVermont, USAPlace of DeathVermont, USACause of DeathLiver CirrhosisStar Sign: LibraChinese ZodiacDragonNationalityAmericanOccupationPublisherOccupation Category PublisherYears Active1980–2017FatherEddie Mesa (Publisher)MotherRosemarie Gil (Writer)Brother(s):Geoff Eigenmann (Civil Engineer)Jeff Eigenmann (Chemical Engineer)Sister(s)Cherie Gil (Editor)Spouse(s)Irene Celebre (Gourmet Master Chef)Other Family MembersGabby Eigenmann (Son) (Publisher)Max Eigenmann (Niece) (Model)Ira Eigenmann (Niece) (Fashion Designer)Andi Eigenmann (Niece) (Dancer)AJ Eigenmann (Nephew) (Contractor)Ryan Eigenmann (Nephew) (Architect)Michael Eigenmann (Cousin) (Accountant)