What is Marv Grissom's middle name?


What is Marv Grissom's full name?

Marvin Edward Grissom

Marv Grissom date of birth:

March 31, 1918

How old was Marv Grissom when died?


Where was Marv Grissom born?

Los Molinas, CA

When did Marv Grissom die?

September 19, 2005

Where did Marv Grissom die?

Red Bluff, CA

How tall is Marv Grissom?

6' 3" (190 cm)

How much does Marv Grissom weigh?

190 lbs (86.2 kg)

What is Marv Grissom nationality?


What is Marv Grissom's occupation?

Former Major League Baseball Player

Short Biography

Marvin Edward Grissom (March 31, 1918 – September 18, 2005) was an American pitcher in Major League Baseball for the New York & San Francisco Giants (1946 and 1953–58), Detroit Tigers (1949), Chicago White Sox (1952), Boston Red Sox (1953) and St. Louis Cardinals (1959). He was born in Los Molinos, California.