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Birth year 1918

Jack Boone Facts

Robert Lee “Jack” Boone (May 28, 1918 – February 6, 1984) was an American football player and coach. He became the ninth head football coach for East Carolina Teachers College in 1952. In 1952 the Pirates saw their first action in the postseason wh

Lila Kedrova Facts

Lila KedrovaActive – 1954 – 1993 | Born – in Petrograd, Russia (now St. Petersburg) | Died – Feb 16, 2000 | Genres – Drama, Comedy, Romance, Adventure, ThrillerBiography by Hal EricksonBorn in Russia during the second year of the communist

Quintiliano de Mesquita Facts

Quintiliano H. de Mesquita (Quintiliano H. Guedes de Mesquita) (1918 – October 28, 2000), Brazilian physician and scientist, was born in João Pessoa, state of Paraíba. Your parents were Odilon Martins de Mesquita, trader, and Nathália Guedes Per

Percy Kelly Facts

Betty James Facts

Betty M. James (February 13, 1918, Altoona, Pennsylvania – November 20, 2008, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania), was an American businessperson who came up with the name for the Slinky her husband Richard T. James invented. She ran James Industries, the

Florence Sundstrom Facts

Al Christy Facts

Albert Christopher Ladesich (September 7, 1918 – March 3, 1995), better known as Al Christy, was an American actor, advertising executive, and radio and television announcer.

Barbara Norton Facts

Steve Mesner Facts

Stephen Mathias Mesner (January 13, 1918 in Los Angeles, California – April 6, 1981 in San Diego, California) was a professional baseball player who was an third baseman in the Major Leagues from 1938 to 1945. He played for the Chicago Cubs, St. Lo

Arturo Castro 'Bigotón' Facts

Arturo Castro Rivas Cacho (March 21, 1918 – 1975) was a Mexican character actor who was often credited and nicknamed as “El Bigotón,” due to his distinctive mustache.

Galina Vodyanitskaya Facts

Dusty Anderson Facts

Ruth “Dusty” Anderson (born December 17, 1918) is an American actress and World War II pin-up girl.