Mary Trevelyan date of birth:

January 22, 1897

How old was Mary Trevelyan when died?


Where was Mary Trevelyan born?

London, England, UK

When did Mary Trevelyan die?

January 10, 1983

Where did Mary Trevelyan die?

Newbury, England

Why did Mary Trevelyan die?


Is Mary Trevelyan gay or straight?


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What is Mary Trevelyan's occupation?


Short Biography

Mary Trevelyan CBE (22 January 1897 – 10 January 1983) was warden of Student Movement House then founder and governor of International Students House, London, and founder of the Goats Club for foreign students. Through most of her working life, Mary Trevelyan worked to solve the problems of overseas students in London, to help them establish the best possible memory of Britain and the British people, and to promote international friendship amongst these students which could be continued even after they left Britain. Trevelyan was appointed as both an OBE and later promoted to CBE She died in Newbury, on January 10, 1983 after a long illness.