Birth year 1897 celebrities

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Birth year 1897

Nina Campana Facts

James Parrott Facts

James Parrott (August 2, 1897 – May 10, 1939) was an American actor and film director; and the younger brother of film comedian Charley Chase.

Yosef Efrati Facts

Yosef Efrati (Hebrew: יוסף אפרתי‎, born 19 February 1897, died 8 February 1975) was an Israeli politician who served as a member of the Knesset between 1949 and 1965.

Eugene Borden Facts

Eugene Borden was an American character actor of both the silent and sound film eras. Born in France, he immigrated to the United States as a teenager, and entered the film industry a short time later. During his prolific career he appeared in over 1

Jaque Catelain Facts

Jaque Catelain (9 February 1897 – 5 March 1965) was a French actor who came to prominence in silent films of the 1920s, and who continued acting in films and on stage until the 1950s. He also wrote and directed two silent films himself, and he was

António Botto Facts

António Botto (Concavada, Portugal, August 17, 1892 – Rio de Janeiro, March 16, 1959) was a Portuguese aesthete and modernist poet.

Mary Trevelyan Facts

Mary Trevelyan CBE (22 January 1897 – 10 January 1983) was warden of Student Movement House then founder and governor of International Students House, London, and founder of the Goats Club for foreign students. Through most of her working life, Mar

Tomás Blanco Facts

Tomás Blanco (December 9, 1896 – April 12, 1975) was a Puerto Rican writer and historian.

Barbosa Lima Sobrinho Facts

Alexandre José Barbosa Lima e Sobrinho (January 22, 1897 – July 16, 2000) was a Brazilian lawyer, writer, historian, essayist, journalist and politician

Louis Aragon Facts

Louis Aragon (born Louis Andrieux; 3 October 1897 – 24 December 1982) was a French poet, novelist and editor, a long-time member of the Communist Party and a member of the Académie Goncourt.

Pat Flaherty Facts

Pat Flaherty (March 8, 1897 – December 2, 1970) was an American film actor who appeared in about 200 movies.

Bert Young Facts