Mitsuru Ushijima date of birth:

July 31, 1887

How old was Mitsuru Ushijima when died?


Where was Mitsuru Ushijima born?

Kagoshima, Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan

When did Mitsuru Ushijima die?

June 22, 1945

Where did Mitsuru Ushijima die?

Okinawa Prefecture, Japan

Mitsuru Ushijima body shape:


What color are Mitsuru Ushijima's eyes?

Brown - Dark

What color is Mitsuru Ushijima's hair?

Salt and Pepper

Is Mitsuru Ushijima gay or straight?


What is Mitsuru Ushijima's ethnicity?


What is Mitsuru Ushijima nationality?


What is Mitsuru Ushijima's occupation?

Military man

Short Biography

Mitsuru Ushijima (牛島 満, Ushijima Mitsuru, 31 July 1887 – 22 June 1945) was a Japanese general who served during the Second Sino-Japanese War and World War II. He was the commanding general of the 32nd Army, which fought in the Battle of Okinawa during the final stages of the war.